Because cancellations of paid bookings disrupt Hirers’ plans and impact confidence in the Camplify community, Campify reserves the right to charge the Owner £100 per cancelled booking. In addition, the Owner will be charged any rebooking costs up to a maximum of £150 per cancelled booking. Camplify will waive the charges if a valid reason is provided (supporting documents will be required).

If the Owner cancels on the day of check-in or later, the Hirer will be able to leave a public review on the Owner’s profile.

If the Owner cancels 3 or more paid reservations within a year, with no valid reason, Camplify may deactivate your listing and revoke your ability to use the Camplify Website at its absolute discretion.

The Owner cannot impose penalties or request cancellation fees on bookings that are cancelled as a result of a failed DVLA licence verification.

Owners have the right to cancel Instant Bookings that are found to be in breach of the hiring rules set out in the listing of the Equipment at the time of booking. Cancellation of Instant Bookings, for this reason, must be communicated within 24 hours of payment if the booking start date is within 7 days or 48 hours of payment for all other bookings. Provided those timescales are met, the payments highlighted above shall not be payable. For the avoidance of doubt, cancellations outside these timescales will not be accepted and therefore the payments of penalty fees shall be payable.

Owners have the right to cancel paid Instant Bookings within the timescale set out above, with no penalty fee, should the Hirer show one or more negative reviews on their Camplify profile.