After you have approved a booking, the hirer will be notified by email and SMS. Also, note that approved bookings will block the dates in your calendar, preventing other hirers from requesting those dates.

Once the hirer makes a payment you will receive an email and an SMS notification from us.

You can also check in the system: 

Log into your dashboard and click "Bookings"

Find the booking.  When a booking has been paid it will no longer say "Payment pending from hirer", and instead say "Paid"

If you click on the booking, the status section will say "Paid", with a green background.

For bookings that you have approved and the hirer has not paid, we recommend reaching out to them via a message within 48 hours. If you don't hear back, cancel the booking so that the dates are made available again in your calendar.

If the hirer doesn't pay within 48 hours, message them and say:

"Hi, you haven't paid yet so I will have to cancel the booking. If you decide to go ahead, I can reopen the booking for you."