Reviews are a crucial part of our caravan/motorhome sharing community. 

Here's what one of our most-reviewed and experienced owners, Frauke, said about getting great reviews on Camplify:

"I am just me. It is about customer service and the aspects of this service that I like when going on holidays myself. We ALL have questions and, in this world of 'instant' replies thanks to Google, people generally demand (and receive) answers very quickly. We're very much living in a 'now or move on world'. The same applies as a Camplify owner. When I get an enquiry, I respond as soon as I see it. If I don't reply by the time they have made a cup of tea and scrolled around a bit more, they are more likely to have lost interest, so by returning messages quickly they are focused back on to me. 

I try then to keep their focus, by asking questions and keeping their interest. Ensure that you've given them ALL the important information and features that come with hiring your van. Once the booking request is approved and paid for, I always try to be as flexible as possible with pickup times. Furthermore, I always make sure my van is clean, tidy and re-stocked before the hirer picks it up for their trip. 

During the trip, I am always able to help quickly via text or phone. 

When the hirer gets back from their trip, I go over the van with the checklist and ask them about their holiday and, importantly, if there are any suggestions regarding things I can do to improve the next hire.

The day after the return of my van, I send the hirer another text to thank them. Within that message, I let them know that I have given them a review as it will help them the next time they want to hire through Camplify again. 

Also, it's very effective if you simply ASK the hirer if they can write you a review."

Frauke is a long-standing member of the Camplify community and owner of 'Bluebird'. Check out Frauke's listing here