A pre-hire checklist is an important document that is completed by both yourself and the owner immediately prior to the commencement of the hire. 

Think of it as an inventory report -similar to the commencement of a housing lease or a condition report when hiring a car. Make sure you thoroughly inspect the van during this time to avoid any potential post-hire discrepancies. 

The pre-hire checklist will take into account the following:

Existing condition (interior + exterior)

Supplied food/items

Existing damage (if any)

Fuel + gas levels

General cleanliness

Bed linen

When you return the van, you and the owner will complete the post-hire checklist. The post-hire checklist has the same purpose as the pre-hire checklist. This is the opportunity for owners to inspect their van for any damage or unexpected uncleanliness. 

The pre and post hire checklists are critical for any hires that have taken place and subsequently require an insurance claim. This documentation is used to support any claims made by you or the hirer. Without completion of this document, Camplify will not be able to support the recovery of the bond or a smooth insurance claim